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Valor64C / 65C
  • Valor64C / 65C

    Valor 64C and 65C with cute sizes.

    64C is smaller and 65C is larger.

    The structure is a kerosene stove, but the top part has a trivet.
    That's right, it's a stove that can be cooked with a Dutch oven and a pot on top.
    Easy to use. Just add kerosene, raise the core, and light it with Chakkaman.
    Since the length from the core to the trivet is short, it has firepower. You can make enough stew with this one. As for heating? If you are solo, you may be able to go.

    The place where the fire can be seen is not glass, but mica.
    It is from the 1950s and 1960s. It was a time when it was the last minute "British Empire".

    There are various states. Brand new? From what you think to something that has an atmosphere. If you wish, please send an email to the store. We will send you photos.
    In addition, CAMP on PARADE also prepares a replacement core. You can use it without worrying about future maintenance.


    Weight 1215g
    Diameter 190mm
    Height 315mm


    Weight: 1895g

    230mm in diameter

    Height 365 mm

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