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The last frontier, solo
  • The last frontier, solo

    It will be made to order.

    It will take about 2 months to deliver.

    Made at Camp on Parade Studio.

    Since this is an order for domestic production, please tell us about the color combinations and detailed specifications.

    We will respond.


    Beast tent.

    This form is unfortunately difficult to find in Roman literature. The origin is said to be the fur trade era in North America in the 17th century. It was an era of bartering between Native Americans and European Americans. The convenience of picking up a piece of dough and a branch would have been useful. After that, it became popular in the mountainous regions of North America.

    There are two theories about the etymology that came to be called Baker. A cooking utensil called Yankee Baker Oven was often used in the 18th century, and it was suitable for cooking. It was used for bread-baking craftsmen in World War I.

    There aren't many tent makers out there now that have this tent format. However, it is a format often used by boy scouts in the United States.

    It is also good to use it like a man. It is also good to add various curtains and decorate it elegantly and classically.
    solo is a size suitable for solo to two people.
    The inside with the mesh closed is just the right size for two people to put on a cot or put on a ground sheet. There is no floor only.

    The cover that covers the front of the tent is now standard.

    Like the tarp pole, it comes with as many poles as you need to build your tent, with carved white ash, decorations, and brass poles. Guy rope and brass free are also included. Please purchase only pegs.
    Although not shown in the photo, the same decoration as the tarp pole tip kit is included as standard.

    If you choose to have a pole, 90 cm x 2 on the back side, 2 sets of 70 cm + 80 cm in the middle, and 2 sets of 90 cm + 30 cm + 90 cm in the front are included.

    A commercially available pole can be used as a substitute if the length matches. In that case, 150 cm and 210 cm will be loaded, so please choose a thicker one.

    Comes with a chimney port for a wood stove. Please specify the diameter of the chimney.
    Of course, the fabric of the tent is Ventile. Please enjoy its strength, water resistance and lightness.

    If you choose no pole, please contact us for a suitable pole.

    The following items should be selected when ordering.

    1) Curtain color: You can choose from Ventile fabric samples

    If you would like a color combination, please contact us directly.

    2) Mesh color: You can choose from black or off-white

    3) Chimney port diameter: Please specify arbitrarily

    Weight: 7kg (excluding pole)

    Storage size: Width 850 mm, Depth 310 mm, Height 120 mm

    Accessories: Pole, pole tip kit, tension net, free

    The number that can be produced in a month is about 5 in total for Litttle House ,, and The Last Frontier.

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