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Sibley's memory 500
  • Sibley's memory 500

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    A bell tent that has been widely seen in Japan for several years.

    Beautiful appearance, spacious interior space by standing a little around, convenience to build with one center pole. The strength against the wind unique to a monopole tent (one pole). It is a figure with no flaws.

    This shape is said to have been developed by Mr. Henry Hopkins Sibley.

    Born into a prestigious English family from the American Revolutionary War, he graduated from West Point (the prestigious Imperial Japanese Army Academy) and began his career as an American soldier. Inspired by Native American tipi, he established a bell tent. That is the 1850s. By the way, in 1853, Kurofune arrived in Japan. However, I don't really understand this area. In the first painting by Mr. Sibley, there is no surrounding rise, which is a characteristic of Beltent. During the American Civil War of 1861-1865, it was confirmed that a bell tent with a rising surrounding was used. Mr.Sibely was the United States Army and was a general at the time. He also had a patent for the tent. The US military (north) uses 40,000 bell tents with the promise of paying royalties for each stretch. However, General Sibely threw himself into the Confederates. He then takes command of the New Mexico campaign, which has stopped the Confederate momentum, and defeats him. Of course, after the Civil War, General Sibley did not receive any patent usage fees as an enemy general. After the war, he also worked as an advisor to the Egyptian army, but at the end he died in disappointment. General Sibley is also developing a wood stove that can be used inside a bell tent. The wood stove was used until World War II. Unfortunately, this is not practical now.

    There are various theories, but the Camp on Parade believes that the Bertent was completed by General Sibley. Named with respect for the shogun. The larger one is Sibley's memory 500. The smaller one is Sibley's memory 400. The numbers indicate the diameter (5 meters for 500). If you have a family with multiple children, we recommend 500. 400 is recommended for solos, two or one small child. Ventile is used for the fabric, so the upholstery is beautiful. And lighter than polycotton and other cottons. Of course, both breathability and waterproofness are compatible.

    A chimney pole for a wood stove is standard equipment. The center pole is made of metal in consideration of strength. Please purchase only pegs.

    Weight: 32.5kg Curtain body 24kg (with ground sheet), pole 8.5kg

    When set up Size: Diameter 5000mm, Height 3000mm

    Storage size: width 1150 mm, depth 310 mm, height 300 mm

    Accessories: Pole, tension net, free

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