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Little House ...
  • Little House ...

    Everything is handmade at the Camp on Parade Studio in Tokyo.

    It will take about 2 months to deliver.

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    The first half of "Little House on the Prairie" is actually about camping.

    Camp from the deep forests of the north to the grasslands of the Midwest. And build a small house.

    The English title of "Little House on the Prairie" is "Littel House on the Prairie". "Littel House in the Big Woods" is the "small house in the big forest" in the same series.

    I think camping is also about building your own small house.

    Everyone, I wish each little house could be built.

    I hope the owners of this tent will make their own stories.

    Our own "small house"

    A small house in a birch forest

    Little house on the plateau

    A small house with vintage firearms ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    The format of this tent is what is called a wall tent.

    In the United States, it begins to appear in the 16th century literature. And it will be established in the 18th century.

    In Roman literature, you can see something like the originator of a wall tent with a few walls.

    It is a format that represents the United States and cotton tents.

    The walls are on both sides, and on the front and back, so it's easy to use because the surroundings stand like a bell tent. It is a tent that can secure a wider execution area than it looks.

    The Camp on Parade has made the wall tent more elegant.

    And I attached eaves to make it more suitable for rainy Japan.

    There is an eaves on the side to prevent mud splashes and rain. If you put a chair and a table under the eaves in front, the tarp may or may not be used.

    There are windows on the front and back, so the wind can blow through.

    Of course, the fabric is 100% cotton ventilated, so it's cool in summer and warm in winter.

    A wood-burning stove chimney port is also included, so you can enjoy the wood-burning stove indoors in winter.

    A tent suitable for all seasons.

    The entrance is only on the front side.

    There are two sizes.

    Normal size: Floor part is 3m * 3m, eaves is 1.5m solo, 2 adults, or 2 adults + 1-2 children

    Big size: Floor part is 3m * 4.5m, eaves is 1.5m 2 adults + 3 children or more

    If you would like a size other than this, please contact us directly. We will quote separately.

    Comes with a floor. The floor cannot be removed (to increase resistance to rain).

    A power port is included as standard.

    A hook that allows you to hang an LED lantern etc. is attached to the roof part.

    The following items can be ordered.

    1) Colors (and color combinations) of roofs, walls, etc .: Choose from Ventile fabric samples

    2) Window, entrance mesh color: black or off-white

    3) Floor color: white, beige or navy

    4) Chimney port diameter: Please specify arbitrarily

    5) Window shape: Rectangle is the basic, but if you would like other than that, we would appreciate it if you could give us an idea.

    The color combination is

    ① Wall, front and back panels

    ② Roof (colors can be combined)

    You can choose each of them.

    For example, the roof can be navy and the walls, front and back can be beige.

    Of course, it is also possible to use all white.

    Comes with a wood pole (you can also choose without a pole).

    In the case of normal size, there are three 80 cm * 3 240 cm poles (front of the eaves, entrance, and back)

    In the case of big size, there are 4 80cm * 3 240cm poles (1 in the front of the eaves, the entrance, the center of the floor, and the back).

    Stand the curtain body with.

    It is also possible to attach wood poles that can be used to build the curtain exactly at the four corners of the floor. The poles at the four corners of the floor are 90 cm long.

    All poles are visible from the outside. As long as the length matches, you can use a commercially available tarp pole. However, the 240 cm pole that supports the roof will be loaded, so choose a sturdy pole.

    Comes with as many guy ropes and brass as you need. Pegs are not included.

    The way to build it is as follows.

    1) Place the floor down in the setting place

    2) Peg down by pulling the poles at the four corners vertically with a guy rope.

    3) Lift the roof part like a tarp and peg down

    4) Insert the pole into the middle part of the roof from below and lift the roof completely.

    5) Shape it

    It is a perfect order tent.

    Please hit various selfishness.

    The number that can be produced in a month is about 5 in total for Litttle House ,, and The Last Frontier.

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