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Bonfire La falo
  • Bonfire La falo

    Production has resumed.

    Delivery is scheduled for mid-December.

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    La falo, the original bonfire of the camp on parade.

    FALO means bonfire in Italian. Actually, the one that comes before that is il, which indicates a man. I dared to add la to indicate a woman.

    It is a bonfire with a graceful appearance unlike any other. The combination of the angle of the legs and the suppleness of stainless steel creates this elegant curve. Assemble the product in no time by combining the three stainless steel plates and fitting the stainless steel legs in place.

    The air hole in the plate and the hole in the middle of the combination combine to promote combustion.

    Enjoy burning as if you were floating in the air.

    I created it from the thought that it would be okay to have a light and elegant bonfire.

    It will be thinner when you carry it. And a canvas storage bag to store this part is attached.

    The color of the storage bag will be blue or khaki.

    Size: 50 cm on a side

    Body weight: 650 grams.

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