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Yu.To.Ri gas cartridge cover
  • Yu.To.Ri gas cartridge cover

    A gas cartridge cover in the shape of a dome tent.
    It is a very elaborate work in which leather parts are pumped up one by one and sewn together.
    You can pump it up in the color you want.

    Only one size of 250OD.

    It is a made-to-order work that you choose a color and place an order.
    When ordering online, please enter the desired color combination in the remarks column.

    The number of stocks will be the rest of the reservation frame.

    Creator: Yu.To.Ri. (Miyagi)

    • About product delivery

      * The following shipping charges will be incurred separately.

      Purchase price Delivery fee

      0 yen-19,999 yen

      1,200 yen
      20,000 yen-29,999 yen 600 yen
      30,000 yen or more free

      * Free shipping for orders over 30,000 yen.

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