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SIGN 05Y387
  • SIGN 05Y387

    Come and have your own light!

    It is an LED lamp that can put the original logo.
    The brightness can be adjusted in two stages, 400 lumens and 100 lumens.

    Gentos XE777P has 280 lumens and Snow Peak Hozuki has 100 lumens.

    If you send us the logo data or image data, we will make it to order according to the data. The data format does not matter. A simple image picture is fine. We will exchange and complete it.
    Delivery time will be 2-3 weeks after receiving the data.

    Eight AA batteries can be stored in the walnut stand.
    When 400 lumens are lit, 8 AA batteries maintain brightness for about 16 hours continuously. After that, it will gradually darken, but it will continue to light for another 10 hours.
    In addition, it can be powered by USB at home.
    Since it has a simple waterproof function, it can surpass morning dew.

    Please contact the store.

    There is also one with the CAMP on PARADE logo. If it has the CAMP on PARADE logo, it can be delivered immediately.
    The number of stocks will be reserved.

    Brightness: 400 lumens, 100 lumens in two stages Size: Height 220 mm, Width 200 mm, Depth 100 mm
    Weight: 850g

    Original logo 22000 yen

    CAMP on PARADE logo 20000 yen

    • About product delivery

      * The following shipping charges will be incurred separately.

      Purchase price Delivery fee

      0 yen-19,999 yen

      1,200 yen
      20,000 yen-29,999 yen 600 yen
      30,000 yen or more free

      * Free shipping for orders over 30,000 yen.

    PriceFrom ¥20,000
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