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Lamp Lamp LED lamp
  • Lamp Lamp LED lamp

    LED lantern developed and manufactured for camping.
    The brightness is 150 lumens. In the tent, as a sign of the site.

    150 lumens is brighter than Snow Peak's Hozuki (100 lumens).
    It can also be as bright as a nightlight with 50 lumens.
    It consists of a main body and a battery box.

    We have specifically developed the following points for camping.
    (1) The color of the lamp has been changed to "candle color" so that it matches the light of the lantern.
    (2) We adjusted the illuminance of the lantern so that it would last for two nights with dry batteries, and at the same time designed a new board. It runs on 4 AAA batteries. Alkaline batteries keep the illuminance almost for up to 12 hours. After that, it lights up for 3 days while gradually reducing the illuminance.
    ③ The battery box can be used as a stand or a hanging tool. You can use it on a table or hang it on a tarp or tent.
    ④ Simple drip-proof is applied so that it will not be damaged by morning dew or condensation.
    * You cannot continue to be hit by the rain.
    ⑤ It can be adjusted in 3 steps: 150 lumens as usual, 50 lumens as a nightlight, and off.

    The body has a cute design.
    The battery box, like CAMP on PARADE, is made from walnut, mahogany, brass, and oil leather.
    It will be connected to the main unit via USB. At home, it lights up when you connect the main unit to USB as it is. You can also charge the battery by connecting a mobile phone to the battery box.

    Easy and convenient LED lamp. However, there was no such thing as this.

    External dimensions: width 65 mm, depth 160 mm, height 190 mm
    Weight: 290g
    Brightness: 100 lumens
    LED design life: 40,000 hours
    Product warranty period: 1 year

    Includes vanity case and care cloth

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