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Enders Baby 9603
  • Enders Baby 9603

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    Cheerful Baby !? ~ Enders Baby 9063 ~

    Speaking of compact box strikes, Sweden's Optimus 8R is famous,
    There was also a compact model in the box stove of the former West Germany Enders.
    Enders Baby 9063. It is a proven model that was officially adopted by the former West German army.
    The 9063 was manufactured for about 30 years from the 1950s to the 1980s.
    Among the liquid-fueled stoves that often have a solid feel of brass or iron, the "red tank" and the two-tone case are a little unusual.

    You can use it by assembling it with a click and putting the trivet at the end.
    The fuel is white gas. White gas is suitable for producing firepower with this tank size.
    Also, the biggest difference from Optimus 8R is that it has a built-in pressurizing pump.
    The stability from ignition is very fast even in the cold season when Optimus 8R is not good at it.
    The blue flame seen from the small burner cup with a powerful burning sound is like a four-leaf clover.
    The firepower that is so strong that you can't think of it as a "Baby" is really reliable.

    As the range of thermal power adjustment is wider than 8R, as the main burner of solo camp.
    Also, it is practical enough to brew coffee on the table at the time of camping or cook rice with a mess tin.

    "8R" is not enough, and it is as big as "111B". .. ..
    It is highly recommended for campers such as.

    All rubber packings have been replaced.
    Combustion status confirmed.

    Size: Approximately 15cm x 11.5cm x 7cm (when stored)

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