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Tarp pole tip kit
  • Tarp pole tip kit

    Please contact us for compatible tarp poles.

    A decoration to be attached to the tip of the tarp pole.

    I was inspired by the kit that came with the British vintage tent.

    From the same white ash board as the tarp pole body, it is carved and polished one by one.

    If you attach it to the tip of the pole, the entire campsite will have a classical and elegant feel.

    When using the tip kit, hook the guy rope on the kit itself and use it to hold down the tarp body from above.

    If you order the tarp at CAMP on PARADE and also order the tarp pole, we will attach the tip kit free of charge.

    Weight: 70g
    Width 40 mm, depth 40 mm, height 105 mm

    • 使い方


    • 汚れたり、傷ついたりしたら



    PriceFrom ¥2,500
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