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Table, chair case
  • Table, chair case

    It is a durable case made of canvas.
    You can choose the color combination. It has the same specifications as the tarp pole case.

    CAMP on PARADE chair. The table does not come with a storage bag.
    It's fun to order with the same color combination along with the tarp and tarp pole case!

    You can choose from 2 to 3 color combinations.
    Prices differ depending on the combination of 2 types of colors and the combination of 3 types of colors, so please select the applicable product.

    1 chair 2 colors 8000 yen 3 colors 9000 yen

    2 chairs 2 colors 10000 yen 3 colors 10000 yen

    Table (100 cm) 2 colors 11000 yen 3 colors 12000 yen

    Table (120 cm) 2 colors 11500 yen 3 colors 12500 yen

    Table (140 cm) 2 colors 12000 yen 3 colors 13000 yen

    Small table 2 colors 8000 yen 3 colors 9000 yen

    You can choose from 1 chair storage and 2 chair storage.

    It will be manufactured after ordering, and it will take about 2 to 5 weeks to deliver.
    The number of stocks will be the number of order reservation slots.

      PriceFrom ¥8,000
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