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Added tarp grommet

Added tarp grommet

If you have ordered the original tarp and would like to add a grommet, please purchase from here.
Common to polycotton and paraffin canvas.

There are grommets that can be added to the normal surrounding edges and attached to the center of the tarp.

If you have a large tarp and want some support in the middle of the tarp, order the "central grommet".

After ordering, the store will contact you for confirmation.
There are 8 grommets. It is in the middle of the four corners and each side.
If you move without changing the number of grommets, there is no additional charge.
Please purchase only if you want to increase the number of grommets.

The normal grommet addition is 2000 yen / piece, and the grommet in the center part is 4000 yen / piece.

In addition, we can process the tarp ordered at our shop later. It will take about a week. There is no change in the processing fee for adding grommets.

  • About product delivery

    * The following shipping charges will be incurred separately.

    Purchase price Delivery fee

    0 yen-19,999 yen

    1,200 yen
    20,000 yen-29,999 yen 600 yen
    30,000 yen or more free

    * Free shipping for orders over 30,000 yen.

PriceFrom ¥2,000
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