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Conductors chair
  • Conductors chair

    It will be delivered in the first half of March.

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    What is a really comfortable chair in the camp? It is a chair made from such thoughts.

    Watch the bonfire. Enjoy a meal.

    It's a relaxing time, but it's camping time that I often stand and sit unexpectedly.

    This chair is the one that I arrived at after searching for a balance between the seat angle and height that makes it easy to stand and sit.

    The act of sitting at the center of the camp. This is the place where all command is based. I named it Conductor = Conductor's Chair.

    Even in low style, it is easy to eat without putting pressure on your stomach. It is also possible to throw your legs out. Even in high style, you can relax without being too expensive. There is less strain on the lower back.

    The prototype Kermit chair is a masterpiece chair that was born for bike touring in the United States decades ago. A wonderfully made chair that can be disassembled and relatively easy to assemble. It is a low-low chair that assumes that people who are larger than us in the United States will sit with their legs thrown out.

    However, when we use it in camps in Asia, our hips sink and we sit leaning forward.

    If you check the photo comparing the Kermit chair and our conductor's chair, which are supposed to be seated with your legs thrown out, you can see that the butt side of the seat is raised. The difference in angle and height leads to a comfortable seating that is easy for us to use.

    You can use it not only at camping but also at home.

    Also, the Kermit chair has a very narrow elbow rest, probably because it was prioritized to be compact for bike touring. In the camp on parade, we devised the angle and width so that the elbow rest can be placed comfortably.

    In addition, walnut was selected as the material in order to make the best use of the beautiful texture of wood and to bring out a chic texture. The walnuts that come into Japan are of very good quality. In order to enjoy the good quality solid walnut obediently, without hardening the surface with urethane varnish (although the cost is overwhelmingly cheaper), the beauty of the solid material itself The finish is enjoyable. If it gets scratched, polish it with paper and then with wood wax (maybe beeswax) to restore its shine.

    It is not the wood that actually supports the actual weight, but various metal parts and screws. This metal part is also made of brass that has been carved out one by one. Enjoy the first brilliance and the beauty that becomes dull as you use it. For the screws, we chose black screws to create a tight overall nuance.

    The seat surface is canvas as standard. The butt side, which is easier to stretch, is doubled with canvas to increase durability. By using canvas, not only the atmosphere is increased, but also the durability against bonfire sparks is improved. You can choose from seven colors: red, mustard, brown, black, kinari, khaki, and beige. In addition, you can choose the spacer (plastic parts) from white or black.

    Black seat, dark walnut, dull brass. And the black parts to connect are tight and cool.

    Alternatively, walnut and sparkling brass complement the natural seating surface. And the parts to connect are also beautiful, such as pure white parts.

    If you wish, please indicate your preference for the color of the parts in the remarks column when ordering. If you don't have a specific request, we will go to the camp on parade to look up the colors that you think are appropriate.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if it is broken or damaged. Replacement parts are always available. If the cause is not due to your special use, we will respond free of charge (shipping fee is not included).

    Of course, everything is made in Japan (after January 2020). Hachioji carves wood at the foot of Mt. Takao, carves brass in Yokohama, and manufactures and assembles seats at the Camp on Parade Studio. Please enjoy the furniture that can be said to be a work.

    The seat height of the low chair is 34 cm, and that of the high chair is 44 cm. Storage bag is not included. When disassembling and carrying it, I think it will be easier to carry it if you wrap it with Velcro.

    Please select the seat when ordering. In addition to the conventional separate type seating surface, you can also choose the integrated type with canvas (it feels like wrapping your hips) (+2000 yen) and the leather seating surface (+12000 yen).

    Load capacity: 150 kg

    Weight: Low chair 2700g, High chair 3000g

    Size: Width 470mm, Depth 300mm, Height 670mm (Low chair), 770mm (High chair)

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