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Xylophone table
  • Xylophone table

    The number of stocks will be the reservation limit at the end of February.

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    A luxurious walnut table.

    We named it xylophone = xylophone because of the beautiful arrangement of the top plates.

    Even though it's so big, it can be folded into a small size and carried around. Excellent stability.

    Like the chair, it is made in Japan.

    Walnuts are carved out one by one at the foot of Mt. Takao. The metal parts are also brass like the chair. And they are assembled one by one at the camp on parade workshop in Tokyo.

    The way the leg parts are attached has been changed to improve durability. Also, like the chair, it is made in Japan, so the quality of walnut is more uniform.

    It is made as a set with a folding chair. The points I devised are as follows.

    (1) Bring out the beautiful shine of walnut and create a chic atmosphere.

    (2) The size is large so that multiple plates can be lined up. I think there aren't many tables with a depth of 70 cm.

    (3) The gap between the top plates has been reduced to prevent objects from falling between them.

    ④ The structure of the legs has been devised to reduce rattling.

    (5) The leg parts have been partially shared with the chair to improve the uniformity of the design.

    It is a table that is not only beautiful but also easy to use.

    There are multiple heights, including chairs.

    65 cm for our high chairs, or high style with other chairs, for dining at home

    50 cm for our low chair

    40 cm for Kermit chair and Helinox

    There is no difference in price depending on the height. There are multiple types of width.

    Width 110 cm for ease of portability

    Width 140 cm, where two chairs can be lined up side by side with plenty of room

    180 cm wide, which can be lined up side by side with 3 chairs

    If you carry it in a car, please check the width of the trunk room.

    Width 110 cm: 58000 yen

    Width 140 cm: 72000 yen

    Width 180 cm: 86000 yen

    If it gets scratched, gently sand it with sandpaper and finish it with beeswax. The original brilliance will return. You can also change the height by exchanging the leg parts. We also plan to sell only the leg parts.

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