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Big Dipper Big Dipper
  • Big Dipper Big Dipper

    A large copper Sierra cup made by a spinning craftsman in Niigata, the same as the unicorn kettle.

    Big Dipper means Big Dipper. A cup shaped like seven stars. Dipper means cassotte.
    As it is, it can be used as a small copper pot. You can just put it on the fire. It would be nice to make an ajillo!
    Of course, as a plate.

    The inside is tin-plated and the handle is brass.
    Each one is handmade.
    You can enjoy the aging of copper or polish it.

    Top diameter 15 cm

    Bottom diameter 9 cm

    Long side (total length of handle) 19 cm

    Height 4.5 cm

    Weight 180g

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