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  • Jinmaku

    At the time of the Battle of Okehazama, a camp that would have been set up around Yoshimoto Imagawa's main camp.

    Prevents the wind or becomes a blindfold.

    The camp on parade curtain can be made to order, just like the tarp.

    There are three types of fabrics to choose from: polycotton, paraffin canvas, and ventile.

    You can freely specify the length and height.

    A shape that stands on the ground and surrounds a tent or bonfire space, like a normal curtain.

    A shape that hangs on a tarp and surrounds it.

    A guideline for a normal curtain

    Up to 1 meter high: Hide when you sit down. The wind can be prevented. If you raise your face, you can see the scenery outside.

    Height about 1.5 meters: Can be almost hidden. When you stand up, you can see the scenery outside.

    3 meters wide: just right to surround the bonfire

    4 meters wide: Encloses the dining space

    5 meters wide: about dividing the tent site

    The higher the height and the wider the width, the more difficult it becomes to set up a curtain. Please choose the right size.

    The price is the price that comes with a wood pole (thinner than a tarp pole), a guy rope, and a free (brass).

    The color can be the same for one color or multiple combinations. After ordering, the store will confirm the color combination. It is also possible to match it with the tarp at all.

    If you want to hang it on a tarp, devise a shape, or devise a height or size, please contact us individually.

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