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Box stove Optimus 22B
  • Box stove Optimus 22B

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    Smallest class even if it looks big Optimus 22B

    Speaking of liquid-fueled two-burners, Coleman is famous, but there are also liquid-fueled two-burners in Europe. Among them, the representative Optimus 22B. The fuel is white gas.
    It is a two-burner with a feeling of size that just two famous machines Optimus 111B are lined up side by side.
    This size is the smallest class in the liquid fuel two burner world.
    It is the smallest class compared to the two burners for gas.

    Preheating is required, but 4-5 pumping before ignition is sufficient.

    Normally, when you use a two burner, a special stand is set up next to the kitchen table, and you have to sit there. .. .. It is a typical image, but if it is 22B size,
    Since it can be used on the table, it can be installed anywhere. It gives you more freedom in the layout of the campsite, and it doesn't take up much space if you close the lid and put it away after use.

    Also, depending on the two burners, there may be a difference in firepower between the main burner on the right and the sub burner on the left, or the sub burner cannot be used unless the main burner is ignited, which makes you feel "somewhat inconvenient". think.
    In that respect, 22B has the same firepower on both the left and right, and can be used independently only on the right and only on the left.

    ・ I want to make sauce while boiling pasta ・ I want to stew curry while cooking rice ・ I want to make miso ramen while making soy sauce ramen. .. ..
    And so on, it has nothing to do with the sad experience of "this one got cold while making that one".

    What is carried on the mountain? .. .. I feel like this, but it is a model that can be recommended not only for family camps but also for main burners in solo camps.

    Weight: 3115g
    Size: Approximately 38 cm x 17 cm x 10 cm

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