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Box stove Optimus 111B
  • Box stove Optimus 111B

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    Commonly known as a box stove.
    A burner is built into the iron housing, and the housing itself is also used as part of the trivet.
    Maybe some of you are fascinated by the roaring sound of goo.

    At the end of the 19th century, Primus created the liquid fuel stove (burner) in 1989. In 1882, Max Sievert, which later produced the famous SVEA123, was born, and in 1899, Optimus was born. In 1913, Radius was born. It is the beginning of Sweden's golden age in firearms.

    It is believed that the beginning of World War II around 1940 led to the birth of a box stove that was easy to carry.

    The smallest of these is the Optimus 8 series. It feels just right for boiling water. The larger one is the Optimus 111 series. You can also boil it.

    The order of release is as follows.
    111 Kerosene
    111B white gas
    111T white gas, kerosene, alcohol
    111C White gas, gasoline, light oil, kerosene, alcohol
    111Hiker White Gasoline, Gasoline, Light Oil, Kerosene, Alcohol
    Hiker + white gas, gasoline, light oil, kerosene, alcohol

    At CAMP on PARADE, we sell the products after maintaining all the packing and cores. If you have any concerns about usage or maintenance, please feel free to ask.

    Weight: 1540g

    Size: Width 170mm, Depth 165mm, Height 100mm

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