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Brass gas chamber / nozzle

Brass gas chamber / nozzle

A brass gas chamber and a brass nozzle that can be attached to German and Scandinavian lanterns.

Replace it with the one that comes standard.

Lantern nozzles such as Petromax are ceramic by default. Alternatives such as stainless steel are also on sale. However, by repeating thermal expansion, the phenomenon that the nozzle falls frequently occurs due to the difference in expansion coefficient due to the different materials. If you fall during combustion, not only will the mantle break and you will not be able to continue burning, but in some cases the sea squirts will crack.

Our parts are for longer use without falling off by replacing both this nozzle and the gas chamber to which the nozzle is mounted with brass parts.
By exchanging both, loosening due to repeated combustion will be alleviated.

Compatible with common lanterns such as Optimus, including both current and vintage Petromax.

There are three types depending on the size of the lantern.

For large lanterns such as Petromax 500HK, use for 500CP

For medium-sized lanterns such as Optimus, use 250CP

For smaller lanterns such as the Petromax 150, use one for 150CP.

For 500CP: 5000 yen

For 250CP: 3500 yen

For 150CP: 3500 yen

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