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Flame Wind Instrument Fire Trumpet
  • Flame Wind Instrument Fire Trumpet

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    Bonfire, an essential item for using charcoal, fire scissors. And, in the end, you will need a fire-breathing stick. A poker that you will want if you also use a wood stove. I made a gear that combines these three functions.

    The Patent Office in Toranomon at the end of 2020. I was wrestling with old patent data with a patent attorney teacher. Then, I met the patent of No. 1258 on June 22, 1258. It is a patent immediately after the patent system started in Japan. It was a patent of a person named Masatoshi Yamaguchi. The idea of putting fire-breathing and fire scissors together is an existing idea. However, the origin of it was in the 24th year of the Meiji era! As a camp-on-parade that reinterprets classical music, we can't help but work on it! Development started immediately.

    However, there are many difficult problems to reproduce in the same way as possible. In the Meiji era, I think the main use was a slightly smaller poker that grabs small charcoal. It's an image of a brazier or the hearth end. On the other hand, we grab "firewood". For that purpose, it must have some rigidity. Firewood is heavier than charcoal, so you have to hold it firmly. I don't like the rattling and the softness of the fire scissors. Also, the amount of breath is different if you blow on the brazier and blow on the extinguished bonfire to bring the flame back to life. I have to devise a place where my mouth hits. With the recent well-burning bonfires, the amount of heat is enormous, so the metal still has to withstand, and a certain length is also required. The longer it gets, the weaker it gets, so you need to devise it again. Many people use wood stoves in today's camps. I also want the function of a poker that crushes firewood, smoothes it, and changes its position.

    I wrote drawings many times, bent iron one by one, and made a prototype. Then, based on the prototype, I made a special mold. At the camp on parade workshop, the handles are wrapped by hand so that they are not hot.

    Made in Tokyo

    Available for right-handed and left-handed. Please choose either one.

    How to use:

    As a fire-breathing stick: Just point the tip at the point you want to blow air in and breathe in.

    As a poker: Hook the pointed part of the firewood you want to break or the firewood you want to move and move it.

    As a fire scissors: The weight balance is very different from the fire scissors of Theogonia, Logos and nerudesign. In order to pinch the firewood more firmly, it is not a shape that is pinched by grip strength, but a shape that engages the pointed part of the tip. The weight of the tip increases accordingly. In addition, there is a blow port on the hand side. Therefore, instead of gripping from above (knife grip) like the three companies, it will be gripped flat. Please refer to the picture of the item description.

    An instrument that manipulates flames. So, a flame wind instrument. A trumpet because you breathe in and manipulate the flames. With both hands, you can get even bigger firewood so that you can operate it well with one hand. Fire scissors, poker, and poker all come together for convenience. And enjoy the fun of manipulating the flames with your own hands and breath!

    Length: 50cm Weight: 420g

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