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Heater attachment Fire ring (Karin)
  • Heater attachment Fire ring (Karin)

    It will be delivered after the middle of March.

    We make as many fire rings as possible every month. However, there is a limit to the number that can be produced because it is made by winding the coil one by one and scraping the glass.

    It is expected that the delivery time will be extended, but we kindly ask for your patience.


    An attachment that can be placed on a burner and used as a heater. Please prepare the burner by yourself.

    The fire ring is called "Karin". The ring of the coil glows beautifully in red due to the fire and emits heat.

    Of course, it is made in Japan. In Tokyo, iron is processed in Kamata and assembled one by one.

    Currently, there is only one type of fire ring. Suitable for various types of burners. You can use any burner.

    However, the heat shield is difficult to install depending on the type of burner. If the parts that guide the gas to the combustion part are thick, the heat shield will not fit. Please ask individually.

    Just put "Pon" on the burner. It takes in the flame of the burner, heats the two-stage coil, and radiates heat to the surroundings. It has a very high heat conversion efficiency, and if you have a small tent, you may be able to spend it on its own. Also, in cold weather, you may want to put it under the table to warm your feet.

    The difference from the heater part of Takei Burner is

    (1) Material distribution ratio of the coil part The structure is such that high heat conversion is possible with 80% nickel and 20% iron.

    (2) Panel material Stainless steel is used instead of nickel plating. Not only is it resistant to rust, but you can also enjoy the changes in the burning of stainless steel.

    ③ The material of the support is brass. It is resistant to changes due to heat.

    ④ It is thicker and stronger than the squirt glass.

    Some parts are included.

    Gotoku: It is a part like a crown. Please put it on the main body. If you put a small pot or kettle on it, you can keep it warm.

    Heat shield: When OD cans and CB cans come directly under the main body, the heat from the main body causes the cans to heat up rapidly. It is a part to block the heat. It pops open. If the can comes directly underneath, be sure to use a heat shield. You can use it just by fitting it. However, if you use the attached small spring and ball chain set (3 pieces), it is possible to stabilize the heat shield more. Hook the spring side on the main body and hook the heat shield on the ball chain.

    Hook: The body gets very hot when in use. Never touch it directly with your hands. It is a part for hanging and moving the main body when it is hot.

    Body fixed spring: A set of long spring and hook. Comes with 3 sets of springs and hooks. You can prevent the main body from wobbling by hooking the spring on the main body and hooking the hook on the legs of the burner. Please use it according to your needs and the shape of the burner.

    We would like you to devise the main body fixing spring and the short spring for hanging the heat shield plate according to various shapes of the burner.

    The model (large) for vintage burners that existed in the past has been discontinued. However, for those who use Phoebus's large bus, Manaslu, Prisum / Optimus vintage kerosene burner, etc., a kit for matching the fire ring to the silent burner head is available as an option. Attach it to the bottom lid of the fire ring body to fit it.

    The fire ring is made by carving out the material and assembling it one by one by hand. During the busy season, we may have to wait a long time for delivery. Please understand in advance that the product has a limited production capacity.

    Weight: 550g Size: Diameter 143mm, Height 97mm

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