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Fire ring storage case
  • Fire ring storage case

    It will be a storage case exclusively for fire wheels.

    I make it at the camp on parade workshop.

    At the bottom, put the trivet, heat shield, parts, and put the inner lid.

    And let's put the main body of the fire ring.

    Wrap it twice and snap the buckle.

    Since it contains a buffer, it is safe against shocks.
    Made of paraffin canvas, it is sturdy.

    The fire ring is made exactly for normal size. Please tell us if you would like something for a vintage burner. I will make it.

    Also, since you want to change the color, please choose from the colors of the paraffin canvas of the order tarp. We accept it for an additional fee (thousand yen). If you wish to change the color, please fill in the remarks column. You can choose between the upper color and the lower color.

    As it is made to order, it takes 1-3 weeks to deliver.

      PriceFrom ¥5,000
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