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Fire Ring Silent Burner Compatibility Kit

It is a kit for using the silent burner on the fire ring.

Those who use Phoebus or vintage burners Those who have changed Manaslu from genuine heads to silent burner heads Please use this kit.

The fire ring is designed so that the burner part and the coil part come close to each other when placed on a normal OD can / CB can in order to improve thermal efficiency. In the case of a silent burner head, if it is left as it is, the upper part of the burner and the coil part will interfere and cannot be used.

By using this compatibility kit, you will be able to capture the fire of the silent burner well. In particular, you don't need any tools to put it on.

Simply place the bottom of the compatibility kit on the end of the silent burner head and insert the top of the compatibility kit under the fire ring. It feels like it's sandwiched.

You can use it stably by fixing the fire ring body and the burner with the long spring attached to the fire wheel body.

In addition, this compatible kit can be stored in the fire wheel case together with the main body and accessory parts.

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