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Tilley X246B
  • Tilley X246B

    There are three main types of lanterns.
    American ones represented by Coleman.
    Petromax is now famous as a butterfly lantern, a German-Scandinavian style.
    And this Tilley is a typical British flow. This type of lantern is now the model that Vapalux still has.

    Tilley ended production in the 1970s. Features include the integration of the fuel inlet and pumping kit, and the premise that there is no injection hole for residual heat and alcohol is used for residual heat. As a result, the number of parts is reduced and the risk of failure is reduced. In addition, because the vaporizer passes through the center instead of the edge, it is difficult for shadows to appear, and the mantle is a double tie that connects the top and bottom, so it is hard to break.

    However, the drawback is that with genuine products, when the vaporizer is used for 150-200 hours, the inside becomes soot, which means that it suddenly reaches the end of its life. Therefore, at CAMP on PARADE, we replaced all the Tilley vaporizers we sell with new, high-precision brass vaporizers made in Taiwan. This vaporizer (retail price: 6480 yen) can be cleaned inside by removing the tip. The life is greatly extended.
    A preheat cup (retail price: 1620 yen) is also included as standard to facilitate residual heat.

    In addition, all individuals are maintained at CAMP on PARADE, and the vaporizer is new and the packings are renewed as needed, so all individuals will be sold at the same price.

    The brightness is between Petromax 150 and 500, a little weaker than Coleman 200A.

    Enjoy the British atmosphere.
    Please contact the store directly for the condition and arrival time of each individual.

    Weight: 1690g

    Width 167 mm, depth 167 mm, height 330 mm

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