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Coleman quick light

Coleman quick light

Coleman table lantern from the 1910s to the 20s.
Double mantle, very bright. Like Coleman, it is easy to light.
If you are looking for a classic style, this is the place to go.
It's cute when you look through the window of a lodge tent.

It's a big shade, but the tank is also big and stable.
You need to be careful when carrying the shade, but the tank generator is sturdy.

The generator and packing will be maintained and replaced at CAMP on PARADE.

The original (1910s, 1920s) shades are rarely left, and the remaining individuals may have cracks inside the shades, so we do not provide them in consideration of safety and convenience. ..

Milk shade is 50,000 yen, and if you choose other shades, it will be 60,000 yen.

Please contact the store directly for the condition of each individual.

    PriceFrom ¥50,000
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