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Lantern case
  • Lantern case

    A lantern case that allows you to freely order color combinations.

    You can specify the upper color and the lower color respectively.

    You can arrange it with a tarp pole case, a fire ring case, a table or chair case as a set.

    It may be beautiful to match the colors of the tarp and tent.

    The leather and brass metal fittings look beautiful.

    Please choose the color from the colors of paraffin canvas.

    If you would like a color sample, please order a tarp tent fabric sample from the online shop. Free.

    There are three sizes.

    Large: Suitable for lanterns for 500CP. For example, Petromax 500HK

    Medium: Suitable for 250CP lanterns. It is very widespread. Almost all British lanterns such as Vapalux and Tilley. You can also find it in vintage Petromax. The Coleman 200A is this size.

    Small: Suitable for lanterns for 100-150 CP. Are they precious vintage lanterns like treasures? If you are lucky enough to have a Petromax 150 that is out of print, please choose this size.

    The internal dimensions are as follows.

    Large: Bottom diameter up to 18 cm, height up to 42 cm

    Middle: Bottom diameter up to 16 cm, height up to 36 cm

    Small: Bottom diameter up to 13 cm, height up to 32 cm

    Cushion material is included on the sides and bottom to catch the impact on the lantern.

    The upper part has a structure in which the lantern is stored, and then the lid is rolled up and fastened with metal fittings. It has a structure that can absorb slight differences in the size of the lantern.

    Please select the size and order from the online shop.

    We would appreciate it if you could enter your desired color in the remarks column. We will contact you for confirmation.

    As this is an ordered product, it will take 3-6 weeks for delivery.

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