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Unicorn kettle set
  • Unicorn kettle set

    We made a set of copper series and made a little profit.

    Unicorn kettle x 1
    Big dipper × 1
    Mini dipper x 2

    It is a set of 4 pieces. It is a great price for one mini dipper.
    By all means, please.

    Unicorn kettle bottom diameter 23 cm

    Maximum width 28 cm

    Height (when stored) 17 cm

    Height (when used) 29 cm
    Spout diameter Long side 1.5 cm, short side 1 cm

    Weight 1085g

    Big dipper top diameter 15 cm

    Bottom diameter 9 cm

    Long side (total length of handle) 19 cm

    Height 4.5 cm

    Weight 180g

    Mini dipper top diameter 11 cm

    Bottom diameter 7 cm

    Long side (total length of handle) 16 cm

    Height 4.5 cm

    Weight 155g

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