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Unicorn kettle
  • Unicorn kettle

    A kettle inspired by the shape of a classic European kettle.

    The manufacturing method was drastically changed from that time, and high-quality copper made in Japan was made by a craftsman in Nagaoka using a technique called spinning spinning in Niigata.
    Of course, the inside is coated with tin. Our logo is on the bottom.

    The capacity is 2 liters. We have also devised a method of attaching the spout so that it is durable even when exposed to direct fire.

    Unicorn = Ikkaku The horn of a beast has the power to purify water.
    If anything, it is a kettle that can be repaired after the fact. The aging of copper is beautiful. You can enjoy both by continuing to soot and polishing and cleaning.

    Except for IH, which is compatible with this product, some IH heaters are not supported.

    Bottom diameter 23 cm
    Maximum width 28 cm
    Height (when stored) 17 cm
    Height (when used) 29 cm
    Spout diameter Long side 1.5 cm, short side 1 cm
    Weight 1085g

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