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Alcohol bottle for preheating
  • Alcohol bottle for preheating

    To use a pressurized kerosene lantern, it is necessary to preheat it with alcohol.

    White gas vaporizes at almost room temperature, but kerosene needs to be warmed.

    For this reason, vintage and current kerosene lanterns come with preheat cups and other items. Pour alcohol into it and heat the vaporizer / generator before igniting the mantle. Kerosene passes through the heated vaporizer / generator, turning it from a liquid to a gas and mixing it with the air to brighten the lantern.

    If this heating is insufficient, kerosene will burn as a liquid, resulting in a phenomenon called "flaming".

    Even models with a burner that heats with kerosene (such as Petromax) are less likely to cause problems if they are preheated with alcohol.

    Preheating with alcohol is essential for kerosene lanterns, but it is also true that there was no definitive bottle for pouring alcohol.

    I made it at the camp on parade.

    I devised three

    1: Material of spout

    In the summer, one preheat cup may be enough, but when it gets a little cold, one preheat cup isn't enough and you need to add alcohol to the burning area.

    Alcohol is poured where it is burning, so the tip of the bottle you pour will melt with plastic.
    However, simply metal is not interesting. I used copper like a camp on parade.

    2: Spout shape

    Vintage kerosene lanterns come in a variety of shapes. It's hard just to reach the tip of the bottle to the preheat cup.
    The shape of the spout has been devised to fit various lanterns.

    3: Convenience of carrying

    The size is suitable for alcohol (not too much, not too little) that is just right for camping. And I put a cap on the tip. Turn it around and it will stop firmly. I also attached a chain so that it will not be lost.

    If you are using a pressurized lantern, please do.

    Height: 20 cm

    Bottle diameter: 4.5 cm

    Bottle capacity: 100cc

    Weight: 25g

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