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Nissen SS series
  • Nissen SS series

    Nissen's kerosene heater is indispensable for the classic and retro camping scene.
    The two are in the back of the photo.

    Nissen used to be called Nippon Funato, and also made (made) ship lanterns.
    Not only this round and cute shape, but also the amount of heat that doubles that of Fujika is probably the most reliable gear for winter camps.
    Arguably the kerosene heater that can take you to the warmest camp.

    In each case, we will check the condition of the tank and core, make adjustments, and then deliver it.
    Is a vintage kerosene stove difficult?
    No, that's not the case. Just add kerosene, raise the core, and apply with Chakkaman.
    With the Nissen series, you can still get a replacement core that can be used like a genuine product.

    Please contact the store for individual conditions.

    Weight: 7760g

    Size: Width 380mm, Depth 380mm, Height 594mm

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