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  • torch

    It is a torch made in Germany.

    If you are at the entrance of the camp site, the atmosphere will be different.

    When carrying:
    The stainless steel tank part and the supporting wood part can be separated.
    Wood part 113 cm, stainless steel tank part 43 cm
    When lit:
    It becomes 152 cm when connected. The tip of the tree part is sharp and can be embedded in the ground. On hard ground, it is easier to stabilize by making a pilot hole with a peg or the like.
    The upper part of the tank is a windshield, so a little wind will not extinguish the fire. The continuous burning time is about 5-8 hours, depending on the size of the fire.

    The fuel will be kerosene or rainbow oil.

    Weight: 860g

    Size: Wood part 113 cm, Stainless steel tank part 43 cm (152 cm when connected)

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