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Vaporizer for Tilly / Vapalux

Vaporizer for Tilly / Vapalux

At CAMP on PARADE, we handle many British-made lanterns. It's a simple and elegant British lantern, but the only drawback is that the genuine vaporizer will reach its end of life after a certain amount of time. It is said that it takes about 150-200 hours. Suddenly it doesn't light up well. As long as kerosene is used, it is desirable to clean the inside of the vaporizer a little after a certain amount of use, but this Taiwan-made vaporizer is a vaporizer that can be disassembled and cleaned and can be used for a long time. Designed and manufactured by Taiwanese lantern lovers. Made of brass, it is easy to preheat. Tilly sold at CAMP on PARADE has replaced all genuine vaporizers with this vaporizer. Specifications are different for Tilly and Vapalux. The price is the same. Please choose.

Weight: 85g

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