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Tarp / tent fabric swatch
  • Tarp / tent fabric swatch

    If you are considering ordering a tarp, we will give you a fabric sample.

    12 colors of polycotton, 8 colors of paraffin canvas, 7 colors of ventilated

    Polycotton: The most standard fabric. Light and colorful shades are available.

    Camp on Parade's unique water-repellent finish has been added to the fabric that was previously used for rainwear. It is a blend of cotton and chemical fibers.

    Paraffin canvas: A fabric that creates a bitter atmosphere. It's a little heavy. Suitable for solo or up to 2 people. Waterproofness is ensured by impregnating the canvas with wax. It is 100% cotton.

    Ventile: The most valuable fabric. It is 100% cotton. It is extremely waterproof by selecting fibers and devising the weaving density. It is as light as polycotton.

    Due to system restrictions, the price is set at 1 yen.

    Please select "Bank transfer" as the payment method and tell me the "Purchase" button. The payment price will be 751 yen with shipping fee added, but please ignore it and click the "Buy" button.

    In fact, there is no need to make a bank transfer. We will send it free of charge.

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