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Swedish torch
  • Swedish torch

    One of the pleasures of camping is the bonfire.
    How about a strange bonfire?

    A Swedish torch that originated in Scandinavia. It is said that the lumberjack warmed up when it was cold. It looks like it's just a notch in the log, but this structure encourages burning.

    Put an ignition agent in the middle of the notch and light it. From under the notch, air is supplied by the chimney effect and it burns. The flames rise from the center and it's bright!
    As you get used to it, you will be able to boil water at the top.

    The Swedish torch handled at CAMP on PARADE was dried in consideration of burning at dinner time at the camp.

    Extra large: 4-5 hours Large: 3-4 hours Medium: 2-3 hours Small: 1-3 hours

    If specified, it will be sent directly to the campsite.

    Maker: Hyogo or Aizu


    Extra large diameter around 250mm, height around 300mm

    Large diameter around 210 mm, height around 300 mm

    Medium diameter around 160 mm, height around 300 mm

    Small diameter around 120 mm, height around 300 mm

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