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Water jug
  • Water jug

    Thank you very much for your patience. 5 liters will be in early February. 10 liters and 15 liters can be delivered immediately.

    Southern Italy, which makes water jugs, is slowly returning to normal.

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    What should I put in the water when camping? What should I put in my drink?

    When I was looking for various things, I remembered the tank I saw at a store on the west coast of the United States. I think this shape is good. I asked them to make it with the camp on parade logo.

    made in Italy. The original role is to add olive oil.

    Italians cannot live without olive oil. But let us add water.

    Made of stainless steel. There is no cold insulation capacity.

    However, I thought that I might not need the cold insulation capacity to keep water in the camp.

    There are 5 liters, 10 liters and 15 liters.

    I put sangria and ice in 5 liters.

    In 10 liters, add water such as washing.

    I use 15 liters of mineral water at home. 15 liters is good for a large number of people.

    As a bonus, the 5 liter comes with plastic legs.

    Since the lid is large, you can put your hands inside and wash it. Water comes out vigorously as it is.

    Also, this is the only olive oil tank in Italy that has a rounded bottom. This roundness and aspect ratio not only bring out the beauty of the design, but also lead to cleanliness. The olive oil tank is the only olive oil tank in Europe that has been certified by the Food Sanitation Law (NSF) because it does not easily generate bacteria even with long-term specifications and is easy to wash. Italians really use olive oil a lot, so there are a variety of olive oil tanks, from just a low-priced tubular version to a high-end version of this product. However, all of them are welded with the bottom aligned side by side. Stainless steel is integrally molded by pressing, and there are no seams or grooves. Dirt and germs accumulate in the seams and grooves. It is possible to keep it really clean. The large lid allows you to put your hands in and wash the inside thoroughly.

    15 liter diameter 28 cm, height 32 cm, 2.5 kg 18000 yen

    10 liters diameter 28 cm, height 24 cm, 2.1 kg 16000 yen

    5 liters Diameter 23 cm, height 20 cm, 1.8 kg 14000 yen

    Country of origin Italy

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