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Anastasis (Dutch oven)
  • Anastasis (Dutch oven)

    Is it a Dutch oven?

    It may not be a Dutch oven because it is neither iron nor stainless steel.

    But you can put it on a direct fire or put charcoal on it. You can also put it in a wood stove. Like an iron or stainless steel Dutch oven, you can use it freely on fire.

    However, it doesn't require seasoning at the beginning of use, no maintenance is required, and it is light.

    The material of this Dutch oven is called Wealceram.

    It may not be well known. There were enthusiastic fans, but they were known to those who knew it, and after 2010, they stopped working.

    It will be ceramic. Knead the soil and bake it in a kiln. It was developed and made by Dr. Asahi Suzuki. It is made only from naturally derived soil without mixing lead or cadmium, which is found in ordinary heat-resistant vessels. It's safe.

    The soil is baked using multiple temperature zones, including unusually high temperatures.

    As a result, it is not brittle to water and can withstand the high temperature of 500 degrees, which is the limit for ceramics. The glaze on the surface (of course, only naturally derived materials) is also baked at high temperature, so it is easy to wash.

    Due to the special firing method, the sales channels were also limited. And once it was out of print. We are no longer selling new products. It is also true that all of them were designed with a slightly gentle old image.

    Aichi created this Will Serum by raising a new mold in cooperation with Mr. Kamamoto of Seto. It is a product that renews the image of Will Serum.

    With the claim that it is ceramic, I dare to put on a decoration that can be recognized as soil.

    Good points of ceramics

    1. No seasoning required

    2. Easy to wash, no maintenance required

    3, light

    The great thing about Will Serum (this material)

    1. Does not break even when exposed to direct fire

    2. You can also put charcoal on top

    3. The far-infrared effect is strong and you can make it delicious.

    4. It won't crack even if you take it out of the refrigerator and put it on the fire immediately.

    A place where I devised a unique type of camp on parade

    1. Not too big, not too small

    2. Can be used for cooking with just the top lid

    3. Highly sealed lid

    The name of this Dutch oven is "Anastasis".

    Greek word meaning "revival".

    This is the words of Dr. Asahi Suzuki, the developer of Will Serum itself.

    "In the primitive days, people cooked with stone blades and earthenware. After the turbulent times of metalware, people are now starting to use new stoneware. A warm, calm time will come. "

    Will Serum, which was once cut off after 2010, was born as an original camp on parade with a new model.

    Initially, there are two types of development, round and square.

    The lid has ribs on the back side. The fact that these ribs are attached makes it easier for water from the ingredients to collect and circulate.

    You can also turn the lid over and use it like a frying pan.

    Round: 11000 yen (excluding tax)

    Diameter 22 cm, height 11.5 cm. The maximum width of the handle is 27 cm.

    Weight 1200g

    You can cook up to 4 go with rice

    Square: 9000 yen (excluding tax)

    Width 26 cm (28 cm including handle), depth 12 cm, height 7 cm

    Weight 925g

    Whether it's gratin or steamed vegetables

    • Handling precautions

      There is no need for initial seasoning or regular maintenance.

      However, since it is ceramic, please be careful of strong impact. Damage such as cracks may occur.

    PriceFrom ¥9,000
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